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1.) University Administrator:
I have known John for many years and he is responsible for all my personal development and all my late achievements. My life has changed in the last two years, I have moved jobs, I bought a flat and I am in love. I am taking little steps consistently to achieve big changes, and getting used to feeling joyful and happy, to not being defined by the emotion and learning to let go and move on, but above all, realising that the only person's happiness I am responsible for is my own.
Rating: 5 Stars.
2.) Movie Celebrity:
John told my whole life with one reading,
accurately and poignantly in his southern drawl.
And unlike many others out there this isn't just a job to him.. it comes from his soul.
Which makes it feel even more of a blessing.
A life changing and enlightening experience. Thank you John :)
Rating: 5 Stars.

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