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Pathfinder I Astrology Chart Calculation system

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Pathfinder Computer Chart Makers
Pathfinder™ Computer Astrology System The original version of Pathfinder was celebrated as the first desk-top computer astrology program, created in 1974. Today's Pathfinder has been updated for Windows and is used the world over by leading professional astrologers and data researchers. John Woodsmall, Astrologer and creator of Pathfinder, is a recognized authority in computer database design. After 26 years, Pathfinder is still the leader in innovation and ease of use.
Pathfinder™ Pathfinder is designed to enable professional astrologers to easily keep orderly records of all their clients' charts. With this system, all client records can be accessed and updated within the software program itself.

Pathfinder™ Pathfinder Plus is an optional research module which fully integrates with Pathfinder. If you appreciate astrological research, this program offers a bonanza of possibilities for your studies.

Pathfinder™ Natal Chart Pathfinder Setup Page Main data entry page Finding a stored chart page Displaying a Biography page Setting aspect orbs page Wheel Placement page

Pathfinder™ Transits to Natal Bi-Wheel Transit stepper Bi-Wheel

Pathfinder™ Secondary RAMS Naibod in RA Bi-Wheel Secondary Quotidian Bi-Wheel Solar Arc for Mid-Heaven Bi-Wheel

Directions Sun's advance added Bi-Wheel Tertiary a Day for a Month Bi-Wheel Minor A Month for a Year Bi-Wheel

Standard Pathfinder Options

Solar Lunar

Astroids and Chiron TransNeptunian and Lilith Configurations Alien Patterns Relocations PathFinder (Derived Charts) Technicals Mid-Points Rectify

Bi-Wheel Charts Composite

Hit List Timed hits

Tropical Sidereal

Personal Transit calendar Fertility Cycle 90 degree Wheel

Placidus Koch Regiomontanus Campanus Equal Asc Equal MC Porphyry Meridian Topocentric Arc

Professional Friendly Chart Only

D.O.M.E. The Only Way Astro Far Kepler Euro-Style
Orginal Pathfinder Details

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