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Inner Guide Meditation

What is the Inner Guide Meditation?
As normal Western people we focus on the outer flow of ideas, events and objects. This means that our flow (The Secret of the Golden Flower) is outward directed. With meditation we reverse this flow to an inward direction. We have only been using the super highway in one direction, but it has two lanes: Outward and Inward.
By turning inward we recharge ourselves and turn to the direction of our source energy. IGM in based on this idea. You move into the world of the imagination which is mostly discounted by Western people into the world of dreams and fantasy. But these fantasies are the “Source” of your experienced world.  In this world are the “Archetypes ,  the super-hero’s of ledged and myth.
There are many ways to turn inside this world and ways to get lost as well, therefore you need a Guide. That Guide we call the true Inner Guide. This Guide is a non-physical spiritual entity that was born with you and is connected to you by love. It will not interfere with your life unless you are in mortal danger or if you call it to help you.
The archetypes are amenable to suggestion. If we interact with them using our higher mental nature in meditation, especially The Inner Guide Meditation, we allow them to be consciously directed by our choices.(Steinbrecher)

That is what we do in the Inner Guide Meditation. We call on your true Inner Guide to help. Since there are many voices that say they are the guide we use the Natal Horoscope to lead and focus you on the guide. The guide’s appearance, manner and clothing are shown by the horoscope.  Since there are false guides it is important to be working with the true guide.
During the first session through a guided meditation you are taken to meet your guide and then the “Solar Love Center” (your central male spiritual self) and your High Priestess (your main female elder). These are the central figures in one’s life so we make a circle of hands with them , your guide, and you.
In the next series of sessions we work with a “Tarot Work Sheet” . The work sheet shows the power aspects and “Alien Constucts” from your natal Horoscope and their relationships based on your horoscope. A Tarot worksheet is created for you based on your natal chart showing the planets relationships based on Tarot. The Major constructs are displayed and your Alien Patterns (if any) are shown. The Tarot cards are the modern equal of the ‘gods’ of the Ancient Greeks/Romans/Christians/Muslin/Hindu/Buddhist. You have your own inner cards, but these printed cards help you to visualize your own.
You need a real connection that is provided by your true guide. Your guide is with you from birth. It needs only to be asked and it will answer. But it is not just any inner voice (there are many), but the true voice based on your horoscope as seen by an experienced astrologer.
John G. Woodsmall A healer, psychic and spiritual counselor
John combines modern psychological thinking with ancient wisdom. His down to earth approach to personal development is expressed in his readings, workshops and lectures. He is also a workshop facilitator in London with a busy private practice in London and in the UK, and facilitates workshops and events in Los Angeles, USA. In addition he has given astrology reading/Inner Guide Meditation Initiations to more than 3,000 clients in the U.S.A. and U.K. over the last 45 years.
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Tarot History

What is next?

After the 1st reading and inner guide meditation initiation there is a short period of dazed inspiration where a client wonders what has happened and what to do next. In some cases a client says I must have just been making it all up out of my imagination and not from a deeper level. But then we discredit our imagination in the West as not as important as our thinking reasoning self.  But can you make anything up? In so many cases I have seen that the images seen are the exact images that a trained astrologer would expect. If one has Moon in Taurus you see the high priestess as a large earthy shaped  woman in earth toned clothes. If one has sun in Libra one sees the solar love center as a tall elegant man with artist hands. These are not accidents. These images come right out of your horoscope from the deepest level. The issue is whether as you do the IGM you see positive changes in your life and in yourself. If done correctly things change around you for the better. As you see these changes you may feel that you want them to continue or you may stop in fear as you notice the basis of reality has change and you want it to stay the same.

If you want more positive changes then more sessions are called for. You can book an IGM series of 6 sessions. This series commits you to more conscious life.

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