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Astrology Readings and I.G.M. Initiations with John Woodsmall

Discovering the influences from the soul’s memories and the knowledge of how Astrology affects our personality.
By exploring these roots we can help understand and heal our own personal restrictions, heal the negative influences and traumas passed down through our horoscope, which can affect relationships, physical and mental health, financial circumstances, and even spiritual growth. The horoscope shows the trap one is born into and shows the path way to be free of it. The Inner guide Meditation is a way to be free of that trap and be free to become who we are. Freed from influences of your parents and culture and free from the deep instinctive forces that bind you; allowing you to become who you are a self actualized person who can create and love as a free human being.

John G. Woodsmall An Astrologer,IGM initiator and spiritual counselor
John combines modern psychological thinking with ancient wisdom. His down to earth approach to personal development is expressed in his readings, workshops and lectures. He is also a workshop facilitator in London with a busy private practice in London and in the UK, and facilitates workshops and events in  Los Angeles, USA. In addition he has given astrology reading/Inner Guide Meditation Initiations to more than 3,000 clients in the U.S.A. and U.K. over  the last 45 years. Feline Assistance by Dr. Tippy and Mother Josephina

Readings Documentation

What is going on for me? Why have things changed so dramatically lately? I feel like the gods have forgotten me and my life. Sound like you?
Well the ancient Greeks felt like that also. It seemed to them that things were going along fine for years, and then something happened. A parent died, you lose your job, your dog dies, your partner leaves. There is the feeling that somehow the gods are upset with you. At this time in Greece they went to see the Oracle to find out how they might appease the gods or get into balance with them.
But in the modern world what can we do? Talk to our friend; see a psychologist, a priest, a gypsy, a witch doctor?
It is at these times that you need guidance; you need your true Inner Guide.
That is what we provide: access to your true Inner Guide, through the natal horoscope and the Inner guide Meditation.
You need a real connection that is provided by your true guide.
Your guide is with you from birth. It needs only to be asked and it will answer. But it is not just any inner voice (there are many), but the true voice based on your horoscope as seen by an experienced astrologer.
In your 1st session your horoscope is read and your life cycles are described. Next you are taken (in a dream-like state) to see your true Inner Guide and your solar love center (your central male spiritual self) and your High Priestess (your main female elder).
After this 1st meeting you can commit to a 3 month program of IGM work with your Tarot Archetypes and their relationships based on your horoscope. A Tarot worksheet is created for you based on your natal chart showing the planets relationships based on Tarot. The Major constructs are displayed and your Alien Patterns (if any) are shown. The Tarot cards are the modern equal of the ‘gods’ of the Ancient Greeks/Romans/Christians/Muslin/Hindu/Buddhist. You have your own inner cards, but these printed cards help you to visualize your own.
Awareness and Consciousness
In the past we as the human race have made the mistake in  talking about our consciousness and how high we are in awareness, but now we need to talk about how conscious we are in our view of others and the whole world. It is how we see others that determine our level of consciousness in that area or part of ourselves. This is determined by where you draw the line as to who you are. If it is you and them then you live in a dualistic world where there are two things you and the other. If all is one ; then if you want improvement you have to bring up the middle of you not just your end. It is how ‘We’ are doing that matters in a “No Dual” world.
It really is “Win Win”.
You are not just your brother’s keeper. You are your brother in a part of yourself.
"the art of steersmanship"
In  Greece there was a boat man or steers man who steered the boat  the soul traveled  across the lake from life to death.
Cybernetics is about having a goal and taking action to achieve that goal.
The name “Astro-Cybernectics” then means the art of steering your life with astrology.
This was important because it connects control (a.k.a., actions taken in hope of achieving goals) with communication (a.k.a., connection and information flow between the actor and the environment).
Cyber” is from the Greek word for navigator.
[systems that embody goals]
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